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Our selection of fresh, homemade, appetisers, entrées, and salads.

Specially crafted

menu for your

little ones.

Join us for our celebrated

roasts, featuring homemade gravy, and roasted seasonal vegetables.


Main Menu


Olives  £3.20

Breadboard  £6.95
Mixed breads served with olives, butter, balsamic vinegar & olive oil

Garlic Bread Plain or with Cheese  £3.50 / £3.90


Garlic Tiger Prawns £9.95

Pan-fried tiger prawns cooked in a garlic, butter, white wine, and herb sauce, served with toasted bread.

Avocado Cocktail Prawns £7.95

Baby prawns in a homemade cocktail sauce served with sliced avocado, crusted bread, and mixed salad.

Golden Crusted Brie £7.95

Deep-fried brie served with mixed leaves and cranberry sauce.

Calamari £6.95

Deep-fried calamari rings served with mixed leaves and tartar sauce.

Baked Portabello Mushroom £6.95

Stuffed with bacon and mozzarella cheese.

Blanchbait £6.95

Served with a tartar sauce.

Homemade Chicken Liver Pâté £6.50

Served with Cumberland sauce and toasted bread.

Soup of the Day £5.95

Served with crusty white bread.

Bruschetta £6.95

Toasted Ciabatta topped with; chopped tomatoes, red onion, basil, garlic, oregano and olive oil.

Derby Inn Chicken Wings - Spicy or BBQ - £6.95

A blue cheese sauce is served alongside the spicy chicken wings.



Beer-Battered Fish & Chips  £12.95

Deep-fried cod served with; peas and tartar sauce 


Scampi & Chips £12.95

Deep fried scampi served with peas & tartar sauce

Fillet of Sea Bass  £16.95
Sea bass fillet cooked with white wine and garlic sauce served on a bed of spinach, and green beans, king prawns and dauphinoise potatoes

Oven Baked Salmon  £16.95

Served with new potatoes, vegetables & Hollandaise sauce

Seafood Linguine  £16.95

Mixed seafood cooked in a white wine, garlic & tomato sauce. Served on a bed of linguine

DUO Fish | Sea Bass & Salmon £18.95

Sea bass & salmon fillets cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce. Served with; new potatoes, vegetables, & hollandaise sauce



Lamb Shank £16.96

Slow-braised Lamb Shank with rosemary, chopped leeks, bay leaves in a red wine jus. Served with; mashed potato & seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Breast £13.95

Topped with a mushroom cream sauce served with; sautéed potatoes & vegatables.

Pork Belly £14.95

Slow-cooked in Cider for hours, Served with; sautéed potatoes, seasonal vegatables in an apple sauce.

Lasagne £12.95

Served with; Mixed salad & Garlic bread.

Bacon Carbonara £12.95

Spaghetti cooked in creamy cheese & bacon sauce.

Beef Stroganoff £16.95

Pan-seared beef fillet in a mustard, onions, brandy & mushroom cream sauce. Served with; Rice

BBQ Full Rack of Pork Ribs £16.95

Served with; skinny OR sweet potato fries, BBQ sauce & coleslaw on the side.

Greek Chicken Skewers £16.95

Homemade & marinated three skewers of chicken served with; Greek salad, rice & tzatziki.

Pie Of The Day £15.95

Served with mash potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy.

Sharing Platters

Camembert  £12.95

Oven-baked camembert with garlic and rosemary served with mixed bread and cranberry sauce

Fish Platter £15.95

A platter filled with; blanchbait, calamari, smoked salmon, baby cocktail prawns, and taramasalata served with a side of tartar sauce & lemon slices

Greek Meze  £12.95

A platter filled with pitta bread, hummus, homemade tzatziki, oven-baked feta cheese, olives and greek dolmades


Chicken Caesar Salad  £12.95
Grilled chicken, anchovies, lettuce and croutons in a caesar dressing topped with parmesan sauce

Greek Salad  £11.95
Traditional homemade salad with juicy ripe tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese, drizzled with virgin olive oil and oregano 

Goat's Cheese Salad  £12.95

A fresh mixed leaf salad served with creamy goat's cheese, topped with honey and walnuts 


Homemade Derby Inn 8oz Beef Burger  £13.95

Toasted Brioche bun, tomato and lettuce served with chunky chips, relish and coleslaw

Southern Fried Chicken Burger £12.95

Brioche bun, lettuce & tomato, served with; chunky chips & mayonnaise

BBQ Pork Ribs Burger £13.95

Toasted brioche bun, tomato, lettuce & sweetcorn served with; chunky chips & homemade coleslaw

Chicken Burger  £12.95

Brioche bun, chicken, lettuce and tomato served with chunky chips and a mayonnaise sauce

Build-A-Burger Extra’s

Halloumi £2.50         Grilled Mushrooms £1.50      Fried Egg £1.50

Grilled onions £1.00          Cheese £1.50                Bacon £1.20

                            4oz Burger Patty £5.50 


Sirloin Steak 8oz  £19.95

Served with chunky chips, a baked mushroom & roasted tomato.

Ribeye Steak 8oz  £19.95

Served with chunky chips, a baked mushroom & roasted tomato.

Fillet Steak 8oz  £23.95

Served with chunky chips, a baked mushroom & roasted tomato.

Chateaubriand £55.00

Served with chunky chips, a baked mushroom & roasted tomato.

Choose a homemade sauce £2.50

Peppercorn - Bluecheese - Red Wine - Bearnaise

All steaks are served with chunky chips, roasted tomato and a baked mushroom. With a choice of one of our homemade sauces including, Peppercorn, Blue cheese, Red wine or Béarnaise sauce



Vegan Burger £11.95

Toasted brioche bun, tomato & lettuce. Served with; chips

Mushroom Risotto £12.95

Served with; Parmesan cheese on the side

Spinach & Ricotta Pie £12.95

Served with; Seasonal vegetables, and mash potatoes


Vegetable Linguine £11.95

Red onions, mixed peppers, aubergine & courgettes. 


Homemade Onion rings  £3.50

Sweet Potato Fries  £3.50

Garlic Mushrooms £4.00

Halloumi Fries  £4.50

Skinny Fries  £3.00

Sautéed Potatoes £3.20 

Chunky Chips  £3.20

Mixed Salad  £3.00

Mixed Vegetables  £3.50

Sautéed Spinach £3.50 


Kids Menu

4oz Beef burger £6.90

Served with; Chips

Fish & Chips £6.90

Served with; Chips & Peas

Scampi & Chips £6.90

Lasagne £6.90

Sunday Roasts

Striploin of Beef  £16.95

Pork Loin  £15.95

Chicken Breast  £15.95

Wrapped in bacon

Mixed Beef & Pork  £17.95

Vegetable Roast £12.95

All Sunday Roasts are served with Roasted Potatoes, a selection of seasonal vegetables, homemade Yorkshire puddings and homemade gravy


Please let a member of staff know if you have any food allergies or intolerances. All our food is prepared in our kitchen where nuts, gluten & other allergens may be present. Full allergen information on our dishes are available on request. A 10% service charge will apply for tables of 6 or more.